Swing coach Harmon gives insight into Koepka's mentality

claude harmon.jpg
Brooks Koepka's swing coach Claude Harmon III at the Floridian in Palm City. (WPEC)

They say professional golfers are independent contractors, but really it takes a team to create a champion.

Brooks Koepka came home to Tequesta after winning the US Open with a number of people that helped make his second straight title happen. That includes his swing coach, who's had a front row seat to Brooks's blossoming career.

"He plays like he has always has a chip on his shoulder," says Claude Harmon III. "I knew the tougher the situation was on Sunday, the better he would play."

Harmon, son of legendary coach Butch Harmon, is quite the swing coach himself - having worked with Ernie Els, Dustin Johnson, Adam Scott and others, before taking on Koepka five years ago. Harmon works with him at his learning facility at the Floridian in Palm City.

"On Sunday on the range at Shinnecock, we were working on the same things that we worked on on the first lesson we had just over there. He likes to keep it simple."

Harmon's job, is not always so simple - like after Koepka had major wrist surgery at the beginning of the year.

"There were some tough times. We didn't know the future. A wrist injury for a golfer is like a knee injury for a running back. Monday after Augusta was the first time he hit a golf ball. To go from that to two to three months later winning a major, is incredible."

While they have accomplished greatness twice together, Harmon knows his prized pupil has even loftier goals.

"His ultimate goal is to get to number one in the world."

So just a few days after a championship victory, for player and coach, it's back to work.

Here's glimpse into how Koepka shows such physical and mental strength - he told Harmon he hit the gym hard on the Sunday morning at the Open. That included doing 15 bench press reps at 225 lbs. He then came out to Shinnecock and said, "Nothing on the course will be as hard as the workout I just had."

Koepka is playing at the Traveler's Championship in Connecticut this week.