Palm Beach Open show jumping event continues in Wellington with coronavirus precautions

The Palm Beach Open debuts as five-star Show Jumping event in Wellington.

The Palm Beach Masters Series in Wellington is still in full swing, despite coronavirus concerns. The high-performance show jumping competition confirmed via Instagram on Saturday that it's Palm Beach Open would continue as scheduled on Saturday and Sunday, banning those who have come in contact with someone with coronavirus, as well as anyone who has returned from China, Italy or South Korea within the last two weeks.

The Palm Beach Open is just one of three world-class events of the Palm Beach Masters Series happening at Deeridge Farms this weekend. The Open will debut as a five-star event.

"To get into a five-star, and to be able to do it successfully, you have to have been doing this for a very long time," said Ashlee Bond, a professional Show Jumper who is competing in the Palm Beach Open this weekend.

The event, that features both 2-star and five-star athletes, is bringing out the best riders in the nation, like Ben Maher who's ranked 4th in the world. But Maher and his horse, Explosion, are the top rated combination of show jumping in the sport.

"Explosion is a unique horse, he's very talented and very athlete and he knows he's good," said Maher. "He carries himself around like he has a lot of presence about it."

Some of the best riders in the world are in Palm Beach County, which is great because whether it's a two-star or a five-star, these riders want to compete against the best.

"It makes me rise, I thrive under these kinds of conditions, so I really love coming East and I think it really ups my game and just the intensity of it and the quality of the shows - you can't really get any better," said Bond.

"It seems like this facility is really trying to bring the top of the sport to this competition, which we love," said Hannah Selleck, a professional Show Jumper competing this weekend.

The Palm Beach Open final is on Sunday at 1:30 p.m. and the winner will win $300,000. Admission and parking are free.