What's Lincoln Thinkin': Watch Harper in West Palm while you can

Bryce Harper prepares to swing against the Marlins. (WPEC)

The most expensive man in the history of American sports, may very well be swinging a bat in West Palm Beach this spring.

Bryce Harper is very good, at a very young age, and at this time next year, he's going to be very, very, very rich.

Before this spring started, the Nationals outfielder told media to not even ask him about his impending free agency. He would get up and walk out of the room.

But what is coming up one year from now for the young man is certainly worth talking about.

The 25-year-old will be go the highest bidder next offseason. And those bids will have to be astronomical to get him.

Remember how shocked we were 3 years ago, when Giancarlo Stanton signed a 13 year, 325 million dollar deal.

Well that's pocket change compared to this.

Harper is expected to get a 15 year deal, worth almost half a billion dollars.

Will the Nationals pony up that kind of cash to keep the face of their franchise? You could buy a whole team for that kind of dough.

So all that is to say - enjoy it while you can baseball fans in Palm Beach County.

This might be the last chance you get, to watch Bryce Harper in the flesh.

Because when this season is over, he'll stop being loyal to the team on the front of his jersey. And begin his allegiance to the team with the deepest pockets.