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Port St. Lucie woman drives car into restaurant

IMG_0540 (002).jpg
The aftermath of a crash that sent a car completely into a PSL restaurant.

A 44-year-old woman turned a local restaurant into a drive-through in Port St. Lucie Sunday night. No one was injured, but the building was extensively damaged.

The driver of the car, St. Lucie resident Stacey Howe, was at the wheel when her 2015 Toyota Corolla jumped the curb and crashed through the front glass of El Cubanito Restaurant on St. Lucie Blvd. The car stopped completely inside the restaurant. No injuries were reported, even though 4 employees were inside at the time of the crash.

Howe explained to police she was attempting to park her car in front of the restaurant when she accidentally pressed the gas pedal and drove into the business. She was cited with careless driving.