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Girl battling cancer gets inspiring words from Tiger Woods

Luna Perrone, 10, met Tiger Woods at a park in Palm Beach Gardens. (Instagram: luna_perrone used with permission from family)

A young girl battling cancer received some inspiring words from golf legend Tiger Woods.

Luna Perrone is beaming about it on her Instagram page.

"I got to have a quick chat with @tigerwoods this weekend when I bumped into him at the soccer fields," wrote Luna Perrone on her Instagram page. "He told me to 'stay strong,' which has always been my goal!"

"When someone says stay strong, I already know I’m trying to stay strong but it just boosts me," Luna Perrone told CBS12 News Tuesday afternoon.

Chris Perrone, Luna's father, couldn't agree more on her work ethic.

"She's the kind of kid, people notice her, she's always achieving excellence in anything she does," he said.

And the chance meeting with Tiger, who is on crutches and recovering from a crash in Los Angeles earlier this year, turned into something special.

"Support from the community, from anyone, especially from an icon like that makes you proud, makes you humble, too," Perrone said. "People so revered in the world are real people and have real feelings and step up when they see a kid who may not be doing well. It made me happy."

The Perrones wished Tiger well.

The meeting with Tiger happened as part of what Luna called an "incredible weekend," which included a trip to Orlando to support her soccer team. She also caught a glimpse of her favorite car, a 2021 Corvette Stingray. It was followed by one of the worst days of her cancer treatment.

Luna, a fourth grader at Beacon Cove Intermediate School, just turned 10 years old.

In January, her family learned she had Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare cancer that develops in the bones or soft tissue around the bones.

The tumor is about the size of one side of her pelvis, Perrone said. The family is trying to keep her active and have her do everything she can do to help her stay strong. She played on an elite travel soccer team. She is also learning how to surf.

"Whatever I can do to save my daughter's life," he said. "I would obviously trade with her if I had the opportunity, but that's not one of the options."


Perrone says his daughter is on a mission to inspire others. He's learning something from her as well.

"I think about people who have it worst than me. I think that it’s easier for me than them," said 10-year-old Luna Perrone.

"She taught me how to face adversity," said Perrone, who also talked about a special deal the two have.

"Our deal is every time she sees me cry, she has to give me a big smile, and the same back to her," he said.