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Car ads lead to kidney transplant

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Car ads lead to kidney transplant (WPEC)

A Tequesta man who needs a kidney transplant thought he would never find a suitable donor.

Due to one out-of-the-box ad campaign, he says his prayers have been answered.

“All right so we always want to make sure these ads are level and centered," said Jason Mariner, as he put a large ad in the rear window of a car.

Jason Mariner runs an ad company in Palm Beach Gardens called ADSKINZ, that pays people to drive around with an ad in their rear car window.

Last fall, he started a campaign to help a woman find a kidney donor, with a decal that reads: “Please help a Mom find a kidney!”

Dozens of cars around south Florida displayed that ad.

“It’s a personal belief of mine that if you do the right thing, the right thing will happen to you," Mariner said.

After someone saw our CBS 12 News story about the campaign, Boca Raton grandmother Corinne Kahn Gelber found a donor and got a life-saving kidney transplant a few weeks ago.

“She’s an angel, she’s everything, I mean she’s great," Kahn Gelber said.

Now the same car ads have paved the way for another kidney transplant.

Charlie Rosbury, who lives in Davie, saw the ad as he was driving to work one day in Broward County and decided he’d be willing to give one of his kidneys to a man he’d never met, Chuck Bernabi, from Tequesta.

“I’m just amazed. I’m totally amazed that somebody would give up a piece of them to better the life for somebody else. If not for the ad, I would’ve never met Charlie," Bernabi said.

Chuck gets dialysis 3 times a week and was on a waiting list for a kidney.

Charlie says he’s glad he could help another person.

“I’ve never even thought about donating a kidney, never even considered it until I seen his ad and then for some reason it hit me that it’s what I ought to do. If he don’t get a kidney he’s probably gonna die, right? So I can give him mine and live happy and healthy afterwards," Rosbury said.

Chuck says this just confirmed his belief that there are good people out there. As for Jason, his idea is working better then he hoped.

“We saved two lives, I’m more than happy to have done it," Mariner said.

Chuck and Charlie tell us they’ll schedule the transplant surgery as soon as the coronavirus pandemic passes and doctors give them the go ahead.