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Web cloud camera picked up bloody evidence in Jupiter murder case

David Gretchen Anthony web.jpg
David Anthony is accused of killing his wife Gretchen. (Jupiter Police|PBSO)

A mystery is unraveling.

A 51-year-old woman from Jupiter has disappeared without a trace, after she filed for divorce. Now her husband is brought back to Palm Beach County to answer to investigators.

Accused killer David Anthony of Jupiter made a brief court appearance in West Palm Beach Thursday after he was brought back to South Florida.

He was arrested in New Mexico several weeks ago, on charges of second degree murder and kidnapping involving the disappearance of his wife Gretchen who was last seen at her home in Abacoa in March.

Crucial new clues were caught on a home surveillance camera.

An arrest report reveals some rather grisly details about what happened to Gretchen Anthony, who was last seen at her home in Abacoa at 1302 Sunshine Drive nearly two months ago.

David Anthony—wearing a face mask in court—said nothing during his court appearance.

“Mr. Anthony will be held no bond," the judge said.

A judge ordered him not to have any contact with the relatives of the deceased. He is charged with second-degree murder and kidnapping in the death of his wife, who hasn't been seen since late March.

“Very shocked. Nobody would ever think that anything like that would ever happen," said Casey Caplan, a member at Orangetheory Fitness studio in Stuart.

The charges stunned members and staff at the Orangetheory Fitness studio, where David Anthony was hired as a fitness coach last November.

“There would be days where it would just be like, 'oh, that was the best workout I’ve ever had.' And then the next day, it was like he was just kind of acting a little strange today," Caplan said.

Another person at Orangetheory who knew David Anthony described him as “difficult to work with” and didn’t get along with the staff. He became aloof and irritated, and often showed up late. He was fired in February.

“Great coach to begin with. Hot and cold. You never kind of knew which David you were gonna get," Caplan said.

A newly-released arrest report says Jupiter police found surveillance footage from cameras Gretchen Anthony purchased stored in the cloud.

The arrest report states it includes video of what could be Gretchen Anthony's body in the garage on March 21 around midnight and, shortly after that, another camera in the garage shows David Anthony grabbing the camera with a gloved hand and pulling it down.

The arrest report also says about a week later, David Anthony told police that his wife was being treated for COVID-19, that she had uncovered tax fraud at her job and was terrified after someone was sent to the house to hurt her.

Police are still looking for Gretchen Anthony and asking anyone with information to call the Jupiter Police Department.