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Martin County North ready to make Florida proud at the Little League World Series

Martin County North ready to make Florida proud at the Little League World Series

Martin County is all set to represent at the Little League World Series in Pennsylvania starting on Friday.

The group of kids from Palm City have been in a bubble, separated from their families for weeks because of COVID 19 tournament protocols. They’re now ready to make it all worth while in Williamsport.

“(It’s) awesome just seeing the stadium that I’ve seen on TV (through) the years,” Martin County player Brennan Jones said. “Watching the Little League World Series.”

It’s already been a surreal week for the Martin County North Little League team. Practicing at famous Howard J. Lamade Stadium, just days away from competing the the Little League World Series.

“Ever since I was little I was like, why can’t I get there,” Martin County player Preston Sullivan said. “I noticed that an All Star team can (get me) there, and it’s crazy to be here.”

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They beat Georgia last week in convincing fashion to earn the opportunity, as a watch party in Palm City cheered them on. The team feels the love from home, missing their families who can't travel with them, so they've created a family like atmosphere.

For instance, cheering each other on at the challenge of making their beds. Coaches have now become parental figures on this ultimate road trip.

“We’ve taught the boys how to make their beds,” says a smiling Mark Rodgers, head coach on the team. “We taught them how to fold clothes. Life lessons that you’re going to carry the rest of your life. How to be neat, how to stay organized. Because it can get crazy, they’ve been away from their parents for almost two weeks. We’ve been a little bit of everything. Mentors, analysts, phycologists, as well as coaches.”

“When the summer started we were all friends, but right now we’re all best friends,” Jones said. “From like being in the COVID bubble and not able to see our families or anything, and just having to stay together all the time, and learn about each other and what we’ve done in our life.”

Hoping to add one more major accomplishment together. A deep run, maybe even winning the Little League World Series.

“I can’t even picture what would happen if we won the little league World Series,” Jones said.

“It would be crazy," Sullivan added.