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Miami Dolphins have high expectations as they check into training camp

The Miami Dolphins have high expectations as they check into training camp

The Miami Dolphins are entering a season where they are expected to do great things.

As training camp prepares to kick off on Wednesday at the brand new Dolphins training facility in Miami Gardens, head coach Brian Flores says he can feel the excitement.

“It is like the first day back to school,” says Flores. “There are guys you haven’t seen in weeks, months. Guys are excited to see one another and check out the new facility again. I think kind of get acclimated, I think that’s a part of these first couple days for us. Here’s the weight room, here’s the training room. The coaches’ offices are here, our meeting rooms are here. It’s the first time I’ve been back here, so the press conference room is here. Yeah, it’s got that kind of vibe to it.”

Flores has built a team with General Manager Chris Grier that will be judged more thoroughly than ever on wins and losses, looking to make the playoffs after a 10-6 season. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is expected to step it up in his second season, with upgrades made at almost every position through the draft and free agency.

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“I think right now it’s hard to say that right now just because it’s the first day,” says linebacker Jerome Baker. “But our expectations for ourselves are high and it’s higher than what anybody else has for us. I think our approach now is to do what we want to do. We don’t care what anybody else thinks. We’re capable of a lot and we know that. Now it’s just about proving it. I guess that’s my answer.”

“Every team wants to get to the playoffs but right now, we’re just worried about getting better,” says guard Jesse Davis. “Trying to win the next one and seeing what we have to work with here. think the guys that we have in place here, everyone is really talented. It all depends on how well we work together and how well we can put our game plan in place.”

The Dolphins officially take to the field for the first time at training camp on Wednesday.